Herbin’ Acres is now at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market

Buy Turmeric in Charlotte

Herbin’ Acres is now Selling the Best Quality Turmeric Near You. If you have been Searching for Where to Buy Turmeric Root in Charlotte NC, come down to the Regional Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. We’re there from 8 am until 1 pm in the A building. Don’t wait… the season is short. We begin harvesting in November until it’s gone! We Grow what we Sell right here in Charlotte.

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Fresh Turmeric Root for Sale

Buy Turmeric Root

Searching for the Best Quality Fresh Yellow Turmeric Root Online? We sell Organically Grown Turmeric Root at an Affordable Price. Fresh Whole Turmeric Root can be hard to find Near You. Buy your Fresh Turmeric from Herbin’ Acres and it’s as close as your front door. We Ship anywhere in the USA.

Why our Turmeric is the Best

Our Turmeric Roots are dug just days before they are shipped to you. Guaranteeing the Freshest, Highest Quality you can Buy. We have been growing on this site for 20 years, Employing Organic Cultivation Practices. That means No Glyphosate, No Chemical Fertilizers, No heavy Metals. We Believe in the Slow Food Philosophy of Good, Clean and Fair.

Order your Fresh Turmeric Today

Go to our order page to Buy Fresh Turmeric Root. Just fill out the form and your order will be processed. Please allow some time for processing. We dig according to demand. This means that when you order, your roots are probably still in the ground. That’s what we mean when we say fresh!

Add this Spice to your Life and see what all the buzz is about.

Making a difference in the quality of peoples lives is what we are about. Check out our Blog for Recipes like Golden Turmeric Milk or for the Best Way to Store Fresh Turmeric Root, Turmeric Paste.

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How to Store Fresh Turmeric Root

How to Make Fresh Turmeric Paste

Fresh Turmeric Root 1 pd.

Coconut Oil 1 pd./ 16oz.

Black Pepper Tsp.

You can scale this recipe up or down, just keep the proportions equal. Place oil with lid ON TIGHT in a pot of warm water for 20 minutes. Oil should be liquid before you proceed. Blanch roots for 3 minutes. Place roughly equal parts of root and oil in food processor. Puree’ until smooth and place in a large bowl. Repeat until you have all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Add any leftover oil and stir until thoroughly mixed. Fill containers and store. I prefer 1 pint WIDE MOUTH mason jars, which are the only glass jars that are freezer safe. Freezer bags will work too. Place jars in freezer for long term storage and one in the fridge for use. If you use freezer bags lay them flat and don’t put too much in so you can easily break a chunk off to use. No more than 1/2″ thick. I would keep them in the freezer, not the fridge. This is the BEST way to keep Fresh Turmeric Root for long periods of time. I have kept jars in the freezer for several years and up to 3 months in the fridge.



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Golden Milk Recipe

       How to Make Golden Milk

 Take 8 oz.of coconut milk or any type of milk you like, one to two teaspoons of grated Fresh Turmeric Root or a Tablespoon of Turmeric Paste. Simmer for 5-10 minutes, remove from heat, add a pinch of black pepper if you’re not using the paste, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, sweeten with honey to taste, let it cool for 5 minutes, strain and serve. 189



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Fresh Cranberry Sauce with Turmeric

Here’s a timely recipe for fresh turmeric. This is an old recipe I’ve had for years in which I used FreshtTurmeric instead of the usual  ginger. It was great!

1 pound fresh cranberries
1 orange
1 apple
1 very small piece turmeric (cubic cm.)
small amount of sweetener
Coarsely chop half of the cranberries. Peel and core the apple and the orange. Combine the other half of the cranberries with the turmeric, apple and orange and puree’. Mix in a little sweetener like agave nectar, honey, or sugar. One to three tablespoons should do, it’s to your taste. Add coarse chopped cranberries and mix together. You need to let the sauce sit overnight to let the sweetener be absorbed. Its still pretty tart the day you make it. If you want a little extra zing use some orange zest. Hope your loved ones enjoy this recipe as much as my family and friends have in the years to come. Happy Holidays.

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Fresh Turmeric Juice

Here’s another great recipe for how to use fresh #turmeric. Add a little fresh turmeric to you next batch of fresh juice or smoothie. It goes well with carrot juice. My favorite is 1 grapefruit, 2 oranges and 1 apple with a small amount of turmeric. A little goes a long way in fresh juices. So start with a small amount and increase or decrease to taste. Add a little coconut milk to increase absorption. Drink to your health!

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The Beginning of the End

The Carolinas saw temperatures plummet to record lows along with most of the country earlier this week. We spent the time building an emergency shelter for the turmeric plants. But alas it’s fast approaching the end of the 2013 growing season. Harvest time is right around the corner. Fall is the busy time for a turmeric farmer. One might think with winter coming it’s time to relax, but this is harvest time! Pulling the root mass with attached rhizomes, separating the “mother root” from the rhizomes, storing the mothers to overwinter, washing the turmeric rhizomes readying them for sale.  A lot of work goes into producing fresh organically grown turmeric. In the spring we’ll do it all over again in reverse. As you can see the dormant season is when all the work gets done.

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